Careers at Advanced Sensor Integrations

At ASI, we strive to create the best product designs possible for semiconductors.

You could become part of our team and create designs that are used in millions of devices world-wide!

To apply for your position, head to the Contact Us page, send us your information, and we will get back to you.

Available Positions:

Analog IC Engineer - Senior Position

In this position, you will work within IC design team for our products.

You must understand the basic device physics, have the ability to develop and use advanced linear and nonlinear models to translate between the model, simulation, physical implementation, and the measured performance of a device.

You must be able to break down complex problems, set priorities, report progress, execute to a schedule, and have strong people skills.

Duties / Qualifications:

  • 2+ years experience with Cadence Virtuoso, Mentor Calibre
  • Basic understanding of IC design (RLC circuits and Kirchoff’s Law, symmetry, frequency response)
  • Knowledge of advanced circuits such as Filter, OpAmp, ADCs, DACs, switched-capacitors circuits, drivers, noise, bandwidth, digital circuits, etc.
  • Knowledge of Layout DRC, LVS, Metal Fill, Tapeouts, Metal Rules, Electromigration, Fringe Capacitance, Via rules, Matching, Inductance voltage bouncing, etc.
  • Experience with Analog IC circuit design and testing